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Custom Built IN MateRials Guide

Interior Wood

Wood is used in interiors as a surface material for walls, ceilings and floors, furniture, stairs, windows and doors, in features and decorations ..

Wood Finishes

Wood finishing refers to the process of refining or protecting a wooden surface, especially in furniture production where it generally represents between 5 and 30% of manufacturing costs.



It is an engineered wood product made from wood chips, sawmill shavings, or even sawdust, and a synthetic resin or other suitable binder, which is pressed and extruded. Particleboard is a composite material.


This type of board is made from wood fibers and compressed synthetic resins, which gives it a higher density than that of traditional chipboards or plywood.
It is divided into 3 types: high-density, medium-density and Low – density.


Also known as multilaminate, it is a board made of fine wood veneers. Reinforced fiber glued transversely one on top of the other with synthetic resins by strong pressure and heat.

Melamine (Wood Finishes)


Melamine, also known as Medium Density Laminate – MDL, is a resin coated paper that, in many instances has a printed pattern on it. .
In other words, melamine is just the plastic layer that covers the board in order to fix and preserve the decorative paper where the design has been printed.

Textured Melamine

Textured Melamine has a unique tactile feel and excellent resistance to moisture, heat, and stains, thus preserving color and appearance. ... Unlike solid wood that can have variations in grain and color, Textured Melamine has a more uniform


Formica or plastic laminate is a coating with adaptability, resistance and durability characteristics that has a wide variety of applications on all types of surfaces and decorative elements in both residential and commercial environments

High Pressure Laminates panels are manufactured with several layers of papers compacted with resin in a process using high pressure and high temperatures, thanks to this process a more versatile and visually impressive material is achieved.

Compact is adaptable, practical and beautiful, is a two-sided structural laminate that provides an even color across the entire surface and provides endless creative possibilities for accessories and furniture in commercial and institutional settings.

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